If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy to answer any and all questions.

How do we pay?
However you would like – PayPal, cash, Venmo, Square all accepted.

What are your rates?
Our rates are listed on our Rates & Info page. Take a visit and check out which options are best for your band.

What does the day rate include?
The day rate includes a full, 8-hour block of recording, mixing, or mastering.

Can I bring my friends to the session?
Due to COVID-19, only band members will be allowed to attend sessions for the time being. Please do not bring anyone else to your session.

Can we use your instruments?
Yes. We have a full list of gear on our gear page.
Please bring cymbals and other breakable items to your recording session.

Can you make our recording sound like _________?
We love using references to get your recordings sounding where you want them to be. Send as many references as you would like.

Can I rent the studio and bring my own engineer?
Not at this time, no. Unless we know you and are friends, this isn’t an option.

Can you mix and master our tracks? We already tracked everything.
Yes. Just send unprocessed, lossless stems or .wav files for mastering. Remove all processing from stereo mix for mastering.

Can we get everything done in one day to save money?
Only if you are well-rehearsed, or else you run the risk of going over your allotted time. Please make sure to book enough time in order to get everything done. Our prices are very reasonable and we recommend booking at least two days for most demos and EPs. LPs typically take much longer, so please plan accordingly.

Should we record track-by-track or live?
Whichever is most comfortable. A general rule of thumb: If you’re going for a more raw, energetic feel, try tracking live. If you want things to sound as pristine and top-notch as possible, try recording track-by-track. Please keep in mind that track-by-track will take longer to record. Both are great and can sound excellent.

What is the benefit of tracking to tape?
The benefit of recording to tape is that it sounds cool. It takes a bit longer, but it’s worth the hassle. We like it a lot around here and a lot of bands record to the tape machine. We charge a bit more to cover tape costs. Prices for these options can be found on our Rates & Info page.


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