March 2019

Haven’t posted in a while, but things have been moving pretty steady since our update in October of last year. We completed a half a dozen records and started plenty more. In addition, our studio renovation is done. The new/old console is wired up and ready to go. If you guys want to keep updated with records we’ve completed and any deals we have going on, check the Instagram page (@paradiserecordsca) as this is kept up a bit more regularly. Just found my pair of vans slip ons from middle school and they still fit, pretty sick


all right later,


JAN 2018

We are starting the new year off just the same as before folks, however, NATE BRADY works here now and he is good. Additionally, I realize that when anyone wants to book studio time, the default is just to text Madison, but I just paid another 26 dollars to keep the website up and I’d like to think that we will book at least a few sessions through this thing in the year 2018.

We have an Instagram account as well for those of you who don’t know. We post recent projects on there more frequently than we do here. You are also welcome to direct message there to book sessions, talk shit on me, or provide comments and suggestions.