October 2020

We’ve recorded a bunch of stuff this year despite all odds. We’ve also made a lot of necessary renovations to the studio. We will post some photos once it’s complete, but we’ve redone the control room with better acoustics and seating, remodeled the bathroom, and created a better live room with a lounge room in front. And we’ve also got A/C now so that you don’t have to sweat through your entire session.

Take a look at the Instagram page as well for updated releases, there are some new ones on there that we are really happy with.


July 2020

Death Bells just released the title track from their new record, “New Signs of Life” due out on Dais in September. Recorded and mixed at Paradise and mastered by Josh Bonati.

This month, we also welcome Andrew Oswald who will be calling Paradise home base. With his arrival comes a bunch of upgrades to the studio as well, many of which will be complete by next month. Andrew has worked on a ton of great records over the years and we’re really excited to welcome him to the team.


January 2020

With the start of the new year, we are working on a ton of new projects that we are super excited about. In the past month, we finished tracking some new material for Artificial Joy, a brand-new LP for Sweet Soul, and a demo/EP for some fast friends, Utopian. Quick Fix will also have a new EP coming out soon that we tracked a bit earlier in 2019. We’ve also got a ton of cool projects lined up for February and March and can’t wait to share more details later down the line.

Triple-B Records just released a new Big Takeover EP, “Madhouse” yesterday. This was recorded and mixed at Paradise over a year ago and it’s great to see it finally come out! It is streaming online here

We also have some bigger changes for the studio space coming later this year. More details TBA.

November 2019

Thanks to Andrew Mouchati for re-doing our electrical. Legendary friend.

Here’s a partial lineup for the past few months:

-Tissues LP “Blue Film” (finished mixing and mastering). Check out a single, “Rear Window” from the LP coming out soon

-Sweet Soul “Do You Like Good Music?” (out on New Morality Zine. Listen here)

-Coptimist “Demo”

-Dare “Promo Tape” coming out on Programme!

-Severed Promises EP

-Just LP (Garrett from Fugue, solo project)

-Layman LP (finishing up tracking before our boy Jeremy leaves for the Bay)

-Artifical Joy “Demo” and a single (check out the demo and the single for a comp)

-Death Bells LP (finishing up overdubs and starting mixing)

-Enemy EP (should be out soon! link tbd)

-Quick Fix EP (ft. our boys Andrew, Greg, n Jared)

-Final Solution (new band ft. members of Grimly Forming, Restraint, Rolex, all the heavy hitters, you get it)

There are probably a few more and I’ll update as I remember. As always, thanks for reading and bringing your music to the studio.

July 2019

July has some really cool releases and projects lined up!

We’ve been working on the new Tissues LP which is turning out really rad. The record is insanely catchy with a ton of hooks.

We begin tracking on the 19th for Artificial Joy. They are a new band out of LA featuring some homies. The practice recordings sounded insane to me, can’t wait to hear it in hi fidelity, ya feel me?

We’re also starting recording for the new G.U.N.N. 7″ on the 21st.




March 2019

Haven’t posted in a while, but things have been moving pretty steady since our update in October of last year. We completed a half a dozen records and started plenty more. In addition, our studio renovation is done. The new/old console is wired up and ready to go. If you guys want to keep updated with records we’ve completed and any deals we have going on, check the Instagram page (@paradiserecordsca) as this is kept up a bit more regularly. Just found my pair of vans slip ons from middle school and they still fit, pretty sick


all right later,


October 2018

With another few busy months behind us, we are moving forward and making more upgrades to the studio as we go along. We finished up records from Diztort, Dare, Initiate, and our newest friends, JINX.

Aside from those, we worked on several other albums including some more new friends, Sex Cauldron and Apsara (ft. members of Wise). They are coming along super nice and sound great.

This year alone, we have worked on over a dozen records, despite going through major changes and dealing with construction. Pretty solid overall. Thanks to everyone who continues to bring their art to us.


Remodeling Update July 2018

We are finally reaching the last stages of our remodel after several months of preparation and execution. The control room has been extended, we’ve added dual walls for better isolation, added new flooring, and cleaned better than we ever really have. Couldn’t be more excited to share the changes with new bands and projects in the future!

We wrapped up just in time for Andrew Oswald (owner/engineer of the now-defunct, highly-beloved Secret Bathroom studio in Oakland) to start a few projects at “new Paradise.” He is the first guest engineer at Paradise and it’s cool. After this next week, we will be fully back up and running and ready to take on new sessions.

Lastly, a monumental thank-you to Nate Brady who has been helping me almost every week/weekend for the past two and half months to get this done – would have been totally fucked if he wasn’t there to hang drywall, take crazy fucked up measurements on a crooked frame, and sand mud for 3 hours straight on a weekday morning at 8AM. We’re still itchy from fiberglass and coughing up drywall dust, but I think it was worth it. Additionally, big shout out to Nicker Jones, Vince Catanho, Lucas Drake, Madi Woodword and Andrew Oswald for helping out as well. This shit rules and we couldn’t have done it without the help.