May / June 2018 – Remodeling

We are finally remodeling the studio in June. We’re extending the control room, adding a second floor, and eventually building a couple more isolation booths. Additionally, there will be sort of a hangout spot, kitchenette, and catwalk added in the near future. Super excited for the buildout because it’ll not only look and feel nicer, but there will be a lot more room to spread out for those super long, multi-day sessions.

We are still booking the studio, but the remainder of May and the whole of June will mostly be reserved for very light tracking and mixing/mastering sessions. We should be fully functional and running right when July hits. I’ll be updating the blog with some photos of the construction. Should be pretty cool to see it transform.

Aside from that, the Control Demo, Diztort’s “Hell Is…” and the new DARE EP should be dropping in the near future. Really stoked on how they came out.


FEB 2018

Hello everyone,

February is gonna be another busy month. I just wrapped up the much-anticipated PURE SHIT LP and the L.U.U.M LP is short to follow.

Additionally, Madison tracked this new OMEGA POINT demo in a single day and I am currently mixing it. It’s pretty heavy and sounds great. Next week, we start doing pre-production for the new FURY LP – should be pretty cool. After that, we are cleaning up the spot and making a few changes to the layout of the studio. Unfortunately, the mini record shop up front will no longer be around, but some nice alterations are coming.


JAN 2018

We are starting the new year off just the same as before folks, however, NATE BRADY works here now and he is good. Additionally, I realize that when anyone wants to book studio time, the default is just to text Madison, but I just paid another 26 dollars to keep the website up and I’d like to think that we will book at least a few sessions through this thing in the year 2018.

We have an Instagram account as well for those of you who don’t know. We post recent projects on there more frequently than we do here. You are also welcome to direct message there to book sessions, talk shit on me, or provide comments and suggestions.



December Updates

It’s been a great year at the studio. Tons of records and projects have come through the Paradise doors and all of them rule. Thanks so much to everyone who has given us the opportunity to record their music.

We are wrapping up 2017 with a very busy schedule. The new L.U.U.M. long player is in the works and we are tracking vocals soon to bring it to completion. This one was tracked live straight to the tape machine. Super warm sounding record with 15 very hot tracks. LUUM are one of my favorite bands to work with and the last time they recorded with me, we tracked live in my parents’ living room. It may have been the best thing I recorded in that room in terms of sonic quality. All I have to do is throw mics in front of these guys and it sounds like a record – they are tight. 

We had PURE SHIT come in at the beginning of the month to track their long-awaited long player. They completed an entire album worth of material in only two days and nailed almost everything first take. One of my favorites to work on this year.

Semiotics from the OC area came through to record a quick 3-song demo that should be out soon. These guys are great songwriters and they were able to knock everything out in a single day. Music coming soon!

Lastly, we just finished the new ROLEX “R Tape” which is first in a series of cassingles that the band will be putting out. Both tracks were recorded live to tape in about an hour and was later mixed and mastered in 30 minutes. This was really fun to work on. We purposely set an incredibly short deadline to push our creative boundaries to the limit. No time for second guessing, no over-producing, and no need for unnecessary re-dos.

My next post will be announcing some of these projects. Can’t wait to share.


EP or LP




November Updates


Madison and Jen’s new band “Surveillance” just dropped a demo. Tracked by Madison and Jen and mixed by Colin here @ Paradise.


Leisure World

Tracked live to 1/2″ tape on a weekend in October. Just released last week. Recorded, mixed, mastered here.




Bunch more stuff on the way. Just wrapped up the lastest Coltranes long player recently and that will be coming out in the very near future. Additionally, the GEM long player is fully finished and has been sent off to the pressing plant. Looking forward to seeing a release date soon. They have a track streaming on their bandcamp now. Peep the link to listen.

Lastly, Stereogum has a lil write up on the last Civic Duty EP that we worked on. You can check that out here and stream it online:





Recorded/mixed a couple records that we are pretty excited about. Going to start featuring a couple records every month with a bit of info on the recording process as well.

We recorded LUUM mostly live with minimal takes because these guys are shredders. We did drums, guitar, and bass all together and dubbed an extra guitar and vocals later. The mixes pretty much glued themselves together without a ton of effort just because LUUM have this insane live energy. Check out the EP, “Not If… But When? Not Who… But How? E.P.” below. This was one of my favorite records to work on in recent memory. -Colin


Civic Duty
The drums for this record were recorded by Mike Tony and Chet Barcelona in DC if I’m not mistaken. Madison then tracked the guitars and bass through the Yamaha console for some extra character. The drumming on this record is so tight and mixing it was a breeze because the drums were tracked so well. We were able to get a ton of weight out of the final product and the songs sound really aggressive and punchy. Really stoked to work on this one. Check out their record, “Burden of Hate” coming out on Triple B, uh, soon I guess. They have a track up right now on their bandcamp below. -Colin

Civic Duty