November 2019

The past few months have resulted in some great projects here at the studio. We almost got evicted for faulty electrical, though. Incredibly huge shoutout to Andrew Mouchati for bringing Paradise up to code and for keeping this place from fucking burning down.

Here’s a partial lineup for the past few months:

-Tissues LP “Blue Film” (finished mixing and mastering). Check out a single, “Rear Window” from the LP coming out soon

-Sweet Soul “Do You Like Good Music?” (out on New Morality Zine. Listen here)

-Coptimist “Demo”

-Dare “Promo Tape” coming out on Programme!

-Severed Promises EP

-Just LP (Garrett from Fugue, solo project)

-Layman LP (finishing up tracking before our boy Jeremy leaves for the Bay)

-Artifical Joy “Demo” and a single (check out the demo and the single for a comp)

-Death Bells LP (finishing up overdubs and starting mixing)

-Enemy EP (should be out soon! link tbd)

-Quick Fix EP (ft. our boys Andrew, Greg, n Jared)

-Final Solution (new band ft. members of Grimly Forming, Restraint, Rolex, all the heavy hitters, you get it)

There are probably a few more and I’ll update as I remember. As always, thanks for reading and bringing your music to the studio.

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