November 2019

Thanks to Andrew Mouchati for re-doing our electrical. Legendary friend.

Here’s a partial lineup for the past few months:

-Tissues LP “Blue Film” (finished mixing and mastering). Check out a single, “Rear Window” from the LP coming out soon

-Sweet Soul “Do You Like Good Music?” (out on New Morality Zine. Listen here)

-Coptimist “Demo”

-Dare “Promo Tape” coming out on Programme!

-Severed Promises EP

-Just LP (Garrett from Fugue, solo project)

-Layman LP (finishing up tracking before our boy Jeremy leaves for the Bay)

-Artifical Joy “Demo” and a single (check out the demo and the single for a comp)

-Death Bells LP (finishing up overdubs and starting mixing)

-Enemy EP (should be out soon! link tbd)

-Quick Fix EP (ft. our boys Andrew, Greg, n Jared)

-Final Solution (new band ft. members of Grimly Forming, Restraint, Rolex, all the heavy hitters, you get it)

There are probably a few more and I’ll update as I remember. As always, thanks for reading and bringing your music to the studio.

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