Remodeling Update July 2018

We are finally reaching the last stages of our remodel after several months of preparation and execution. The control room has been extended, we’ve added dual walls for better isolation, added new flooring, and cleaned better than we ever really have. Couldn’t be more excited to share the changes with new bands and projects in the future!

We wrapped up just in time for Andrew Oswald (owner/engineer of the now-defunct, highly-beloved Secret Bathroom studio in Oakland) to start a few projects at “new Paradise.” He is the first guest engineer at Paradise and it’s cool. After this next week, we will be fully back up and running and ready to take on new sessions.

Lastly, a monumental thank-you to Nate Brady who has been helping me almost every week/weekend for the past two and half months to get this done – would have been totally fucked if he wasn’t there to hang drywall, take crazy fucked up measurements on a crooked frame, and sand mud for 3 hours straight on a weekday morning at 8AM. We’re still itchy from fiberglass and coughing up drywall dust, but I think it was worth it. Additionally, big shout out to Nicker Jones, Vince Catanho, Lucas Drake, Madi Woodword and Andrew Oswald for helping out as well. This shit rules and we couldn’t have done it without the help.


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