May / June 2018 – Remodeling

We are finally remodeling the studio in June. We’re extending the control room, adding a second floor, and eventually building a couple more isolation booths. Additionally, there will be sort of a hangout spot, kitchenette, and catwalk added in the near future. Super excited for the buildout because it’ll not only look and feel nicer, but there will be a lot more room to spread out for those super long, multi-day sessions.

We are still booking the studio, but the remainder of May and the whole of June will mostly be reserved for very light tracking and mixing/mastering sessions. We should be fully functional and running right when July hits. I’ll be updating the blog with some photos of the construction. Should be pretty cool to see it transform.

Aside from that, the Control Demo, Diztort’s “Hell Is…” and the new DARE EP should be dropping in the near future. Really stoked on how they came out.


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