December Updates

It’s been a great year at the studio. Tons of records and projects have come through the Paradise doors and all of them rule. Thanks so much to everyone who has given us the opportunity to record their music.

We are wrapping up 2017 with a very busy schedule. The new L.U.U.M. long player is in the works and we are tracking vocals soon to bring it to completion. This one was tracked live straight to the tape machine. Super warm sounding record with 15 very hot tracks. LUUM are one of my favorite bands to work with and the last time they recorded with me, we tracked live in my parents’ living room. It may have been the best thing I recorded in that room in terms of sonic quality. All I have to do is throw mics in front of these guys and it sounds like a record – they are tight. 

We had PURE SHIT come in at the beginning of the month to track their long-awaited long player. They completed an entire album worth of material in only two days and nailed almost everything first take. One of my favorites to work on this year.

Semiotics from the OC area came through to record a quick 3-song demo that should be out soon. These guys are great songwriters and they were able to knock everything out in a single day. Music coming soon!

Lastly, we just finished the new ROLEX “R Tape” which is first in a series of cassingles that the band will be putting out. Both tracks were recorded live to tape in about an hour and was later mixed and mastered in 30 minutes. This was really fun to work on. We purposely set an incredibly short deadline to push our creative boundaries to the limit. No time for second guessing, no over-producing, and no need for unnecessary re-dos.

My next post will be announcing some of these projects. Can’t wait to share.


EP or LP




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