Recorded/mixed a couple records that we are pretty excited about. Going to start featuring a couple records every month with a bit of info on the recording process as well.

We recorded LUUM mostly live with minimal takes because these guys are shredders. We did drums, guitar, and bass all together and dubbed an extra guitar and vocals later. The mixes pretty much glued themselves together without a ton of effort just because LUUM have this insane live energy. Check out the EP, “Not If… But When? Not Who… But How? E.P.” below. This was one of my favorite records to work on in recent memory. -Colin


Civic Duty
The drums for this record were recorded by Mike Tony and Chet Barcelona in DC if I’m not mistaken. Madison then tracked the guitars and bass through the Yamaha console for some extra character. The drumming on this record is so tight and mixing it was a breeze because the drums were tracked so well. We were able to get a ton of weight out of the final product and the songs sound really aggressive and punchy. Really stoked to work on this one. Check out their record, “Burden of Hate” coming out on Triple B, uh, soon I guess. They have a track up right now on their bandcamp below. -Colin

Civic Duty


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